Prepare Your Roof for the Coming Winter

Prepare Your Roof for the Coming Winter

As summer draws to an end and the winter months approach, preparing your house and yard for winter weather should be an essential part of any homeowner’s yearly routine. While most homeowners are aware that yard maintenance and blowing out your sprinkler lines are important preparation for the winter months proper roof preparation is often overlooked. 

Proper preparation and inspection of a roof in anticipation of strong winter weather can make all the difference in helping homeowners avoid costly and uncomfortable repairs and help ensure peace of mind during the cold season. Here are some helpful tips to help prepare your roof for the winter months.

Clean Out Gutters and Remove Debris

Our roof protects our home and sometimes debris from trees, such as leaves and sticks can make its way onto the roof and into gutters. It’s always a good idea to clean gutters of this collected debris and remove any dead branches and leaves from the top of the roof. When debris piles up on our roof or in gutters it can prevent the roof from shedding water and snowmelt and add extra stress to your roof. Trimming low-hanging and dead branches can help to prevent debris buildup as well.

Examine Your Roof

In preparation for winter, examining the integrity of the roof can ensure that the roof is in good shape and prepared for the winter months. Various parts of the roof deserve some special attention during your yearly inspection. When examining your roof pay special attention to the shingles, flashing, and interior. 

When inspecting your shingles keep an eye out for signs of curling and wear in the granules of your roof’s shingles, these are important signs that your roof may need to be replaced. 

As the flashing seals portions of your roof and is a common leak point on your roof make sure to inspect the flashing to make sure that your entire roof is properly sealed and will not leak as the snow begins to melt. 

Checking the interior of your roof through your attic can help you find potential signs of leaks as well as allowing you to check the insulation along your roof. This can help to prevent leaking as well as saving on heating costs during the cold weather months. 


If you don’t feel comfortable assessing your roof’s condition for the winter months or if you are uncomfortable climbing up onto your roof you can always have a professional inspect your roof for damage. A self or a professional inspection can help to identify problem areas and potential leaks before they occur. As with many problems in the home, prevention can help ensure a healthy home and prevent future headaches as well. 

A roof inspection should become an essential part of winterizing your home because it can help you identify the health of your roof and allow you the opportunity to conduct repairs before the winter season begins when repairs can become difficult and inconvenient. If you are looking for help inspecting your roof in preparation for winter you can reach out to us at RoofTek® for a professional inspection and assessment of your roof’s health.