New Roof Spray Hack To Save Your Roof And Your Wallet!

New Roof Spray Hack To Save Your Roof And Your Wallet!

RoofEXT is a new product we are excited to provide. RoofEXT will extend the life of your roof and restore its flexibility. RoofEXT is good for homes, apartment complexes, churches, and schools, etc.

What is RoofEXT?

RoofEXT is a plant-based spray-on solution used to treat asphalt shingles and dries clear, making your roof look refreshed and renewed. Applying our proprietary solution every 5 years will lengthen the lifespan of a shingle roof by 10-15 years. Plus, RoofEXT typically is 20% of the cost of a roof replacement. Our proprietary product contains over 90% agricultural-based oils combined with a polymer. This combination restores old, brittle shingles by bringing back their flexibility. Renewing this flexibility gives them the ability to expand and contract, making them just like new.

How does RoofEXT Work?

RoofEXT is a liquid applied by spraying the surface of your shingles. The liquid penetrates the asphalt shingle. RoofEXT restores your shingles’ flexibility by replenishing the fine oils that have been depleted due to oxidation and harsh climate conditions.

RoofEXT Facts

  • When tested for hail damage, there were no failures of the RoofEXT treated new and old asphalt shingles.
  • RoofEXT has been shown to decrease water infiltration/vapor through the used shingles by 97%.
  • In the pliability test, there were no failures in the RoofEXT treated used asphalt shingles proving RoofEXT completely rejuvenated the shingles and dried clear.
  • Treated asphalt shingles had 84% more aggregate retention than the untreated old shingle sample.


  • A certified technician applies the product.
  • The application takes less than two hours.
  • The spray solution dries clear.
  • There are no harmful side effects to the environment or property owners.
  • There is a 5-year warranty that comes with the product.
  • Each application extends the life of the roof up to 5 years, 3 treatments can extend the life of the roof by 15 years.