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When you live in Utah, hailstorms happen. Our hailstorm season is May through September, but we’ve seen them year-round. Is hail damage to commercial roofing reparable?

3 Causes of Hail Damage to Commercial Roofs

We can’t say all hailstorm roof damage can be repaired, but most can. There are several reasons your commercial property’s roof may see damage:

  1. Age – Even well-constructed roofing has a shelf life. Depending on the amount of weathering, your commercial roof should last 30-50 years.
  2. Hail size/strength – A few pea-size stones falling from the sky won’t always do a lot of damage. Hail size, density, velocity, and shape (jagged vs. round) influence roof damage.
  3. Inferior materials – If your original or replacement roof has inferior materials and underlays, the next hailstorm could be “the straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

4 Signs You Have Roof Problems

If you have a commercial flat roof, you know it’s more susceptible to problems. You may save money by repairing your roof before the next big storm. If you see signs of roof damage, get an estimate sooner, rather than later:

  1. Flashing – If it’s rusty, bent or banged-up, your roof may not be well sealed. Water and debris can leach into your roof system.
  2. Leaks – If a ceiling has brown spots or if you see standing water on your roof, you likely have a leak that will lead to expensive damage later.
  3. Odors – Never ignore that moldy, musty smell. If water is breaching your roof system, it’s best to have your local roof professional find it now, before it does extensive (expensive) damage.
  4. Surface – If the roof has visible blistering, bubbling, or cracking, there may be moisture trapped between layers. These can lead to more serious problems.

How to Choose a Roofing Company

Roof repairs to multifamily and commercial properties should be completed by a local, reputable company. Your property – your business – will be here a long time, and you want service suppliers that will be here, too. You should work with a roofing company that offers longevity and understands weather challenges specific to your area of Utah.

With over 25 years of experience, we have Utah counties project examples and testimonials from:

  • Davis
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