6 Areas To Examine That Will Determine Repair Costs

6 Areas To Examine That Will Determine Repair Costs

When it’s time to replace your roof, your roofer will look at various things to accurately determine the cost of replacement. No two roofs are made the same, and the replacement costs will vary widely depending on the size, pitch, materials, accessibility, and much more. Overall, roof replacement costs will depend on the following factors.

1. Home Size and Shape

The size of your home affects roof replacement costs since you’ll need to purchase more materials to complete the job, and labor costs will be higher. Roofs with multiple towers and outcroppings are complex to reroof. The number of stories in your home will similarly affect the replacement costs. The higher the house, the more difficult it is to get up the roof. Your roofer will need to observe stringent safety requirements to safely work on high roofs.

2. The Pitch

The pitch affects how safe is it to walk on your roof. Commercial apartment buildings with steep roofs require high expertise to replace and will cost more. Steep roofs are more dangerous to work on, and your roofer may need additional team members and sophisticated equipment to complete the project safely.

3. Number of Layers to be Removed

The number of layers that need to be removed affects how long the job will take. Also, if the whole roof is being replaced, the cost will be higher than replacing only a section. Demolition will take longer and the fee for debris removal may also jump. 

4. The Square Footage of your Roof

Your roof’s square footage is very different from your home. For example, a ranch-style home will have higher roof square footage than that of a two-story house. Even for commercial roofs, the square footage will determine the cost of replacement. A roof with higher square footage will cost more to replace due to more materials being needed and longer hours to complete the project.

5. Desired Roofing Material

The cost of roof replacement will also depend on the material chosen. Shingles have a different cost than tile or metal; TPO and other flat roof coatings also range in cost.

6. The Extent of Demolition Involved

Removing and replacing bad decking is also included in the cost of replacing a roof. Your roofer may carry out an in-depth inspection and discover severe structural damage on your roof. If your roof underlayment is moldy or rotting, removing and replacing all the degrading materials will factor into the cost of replacement.

Always work with a trusted local roofing contractor who offers guarantees for the work they do. The workmanship guarantee will typically cover total failure or leakage but not general wear and tear or storm damage. If you have any questions about roof replacement costs in Salt Lake City, UT, contact RoofTek® today. We will come to your home, thoroughly inspect your roof, and issue a free roof replacement estimate.