3 Areas Of Your Roof That Can Be Susceptible To Water Damage Or Corrosion

3 Areas Of Your Roof That Can Be Susceptible To Water Damage Or Corrosion

A professional roof inspection is a vital part of ensuring your roof stays in good condition and lasts as long as possible. A roofer can help detect any problem and recommend repairs or replacement before it gets any worse, causing bigger problems and bigger expenses.

The following are 3 items on your roofer’s residential roofing inspection checklist.

1. Landscaping

Your landscaping can offer clues to issues with your roof. If stray shingles have come loose during windy weather or over time, they may have been knocked into your shrubbery or other parts of your yard. In addition, your roofer will check around your home and in your gutters for evidence of loosened granules from your shingles. They may come dislodged by exposure to the sun, from storms, or as a result from aging. If your roofer finds granules, some of your shingles may develop leaks and may wear out more quickly. A roofer may be able to spot some clues you miss, but checking your landscaping is also something you can do.

2. Attic

Your roofer will inspect your attic as part of a roof inspection, since signs of roof damage may be visible in the attic. Mold or mildew may be evidence of a roof leak causing rainwater to make its way into your attic. Wet insulation or a musty, mildew-like smell may also indicate roof damage resulting in leaks on the inside of your attic. In extreme cases, your roofer may even be able to see light through the top of your roof.

3. Roof

A residential roof inspection also includes a close inspection of the roof itself, which may reveal issues you and your roofer can’t spot from the ground. This is something you should leave to the professionals since it can be quite dangerous for DIYers. Your roofer will climb up a ladder and safely get on your roof to look for evidence of buckling, curling, or blistering on the shingles or for any signs of soft spots on your roof. They will also look for any loose material or wear around chimneys and pipes and examine the condition of the flashing on your roof.

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